• Play therapy is a form of counseling ideal for children ages 3 yrs,-10 yrs. In a therapeutic setting, adults often seek guidance and help through verbalizing and expressing their thoughts and emotions. They are able to articulate their needs and help explain themselves to their therapist. Children do the same, but have difficulty expressing their feelings it in the same manner. Play therapy can be extremely effective as children use play as their means for self-expression. Gary Landreth, the guru of play therapy, states, “By engaging in the process of play, children learn to live in our symbolic world of meanings and values, at the same time exploring and experimenting and learning in their own individual ways.” Play allows the child to “act out” situations which are disturbing, conflicting, and confusing to him/her. It is a place for them to gain control of their trauma in a safe environment without having to verbally process through it afterwards. Much of the work that takes place in the playroom is child-directed and allows them freedom to move through their trauma at their pace. Play therapy can enhance the child’s ability to work through difficult emotions and move through challenging life experiences.

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  • Successful Relationship Building Group for Women: This group is a 6 week psycho-educational group IDEAL for single or divorced women who struggle with building relationships, dating anxiety, fears of the future, grieving past relationships, and knowing if you are dating a good man. Each group is $20 or $120 for the whole course.

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