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At Millcreek Counseling, we understand that mental health therapy has a negative stereotype and is generally associated with severe mental health disorders. In our experience, we have found that counseling can be helpful for anyone dealing with a difficult life experience. We all have difficult life transitions and hardships and we are here to provide a home-like environment staffed with trained professionals who aim to provide a safe place for you to open up and not feel judged. We are trained in a wide variety of specialties that provide assistance for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We would be honored to be a part of your journey.


We offer a wide range of counseling services.  Below are some of our areas of focus clients often ask about.  Contact us today with any questions you might have.


Our Mission:
  • To provide a safe place for clients
  • To build positive rapport with each client
  • To meet clients “where they are at”
  • To offer specialized therapy that is client centered
  • To assist clients in meeting their goals
  • To promote stability and balance in each clients life

Millcreek Counseling

Millcreek Counseling began in August 2014 by Adrienne Koffman, LCSW & Loni Harmon, LCSW. We specialize in working with adults, adolescence and children struggling with depression, attachment difficulties, anxiety, self-harm, grief, addictions, self-esteem issues and perfectionism, as well as relationship concerns and difficult life transitions.

We have a strong understanding of the Latter-day Saint perspective and the unique challenges that LDS members face as well as a comprehensive background in working with all religious denominations and cultures.

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4625 S 2300 E, Suite 211

Salt Lake City, UT 84117
(801) 865.1453