Welcome to Emotion Education Camp!

Shore up your child’s emotional knowledge and skills by enrolling them in this fun summer camp!


Camp Philosophy

We offer a safe, fun, stimulating environment with a staff of professional counselors dedicated to teaching the basics of emotion to your child that will serve as a launching point for healthy emotional expression. Camp is for children ages 6-10 years. During each session, children meet and then separate into their age groups, so emotion education is targeted for age-appropriate learning.

Level 1 (Beginners)

  • Emotion Identification 
  • Communicating Emotions 
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-calming Techniques & Strategies

Level 2 (Previous Attendees)

  • Ability to sense an emotion coming on and to be prepared for it.
  • Steps (action plan) to deal with difficult emotions.
  • Control over our bodies and minds when we experience emotions.
  • Children will learn that emotions don’t need to rule their lives! We can be aware of our feelings and experience them without all the drama!

How We Teach:

As licensed and trained mental health therapists we are experienced in teaching the dynamics of emotions to all age groups. We have found that children learn best through a variety of techniques. At Emotion Education Camp, children will learn through visual aids, verbal expression, art, and music. Each class will have a limit of 10 children. We believe that children learn well in a group setting where each child is learning to feel safe with emotions.
It is our hope that each child will have the opportunity to create their own experience with emotions and learn to feel safe with receiving them and communicating them with those they feel safe with. Each age group will also be staffed with an aid to assist the therapist.

Practice at Home:

At Emotion Education Camp, parents play a key role in reinforcing principles taught during their time at home. Parents will be given handouts that summarize what their child learned that day and how they can help put into practice at home. It is our hope that as this connection is made each child will be successful in creating a safe emotional space at home with those they feel the most connected to.

Who Is Teaching:

Meet our licensed and trained staff of mental health professionals at Millcreek Counseling and Adoption Services

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Did you know that one session with a mental health professional can cost $100 an hour? At Emotion Education Camp we will offer your child this preventative tool to help avoid the costs of individual therapy as they learn safe emotional expression that can be applied at home. That’s 6 hours of emotion coaching for less than the cost of 2 sessions!

$150 per child, per session

Camp Dates: *if less than 2 campers are signed up for an age group, that session will be canceled, and your child will be asked to attend a different session.

Age Breakdown:

*if the child has a summer birthday please enroll them in the class for the age they will be turning in the summer

  • Level 1: (6-10 Years)
  • Level 2: (6-10 Years)

Camp Sessions

All Sessions, 10:00am - Noon


June 18, 19, 20th, 2019

July 9, 10, 11th, 2019

August 6, 7, 8th, 2019

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